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andrea maxand /
half a joke

andrea maxand /
bedroom window

greentrials /
some battleground

greentrials /
sweet intentions

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where eaglets dare greentrials / where eaglets dare
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andrea maxand lives in seattle, washington — which should never be pronounced “warshington.” she has two and a half fine albums to her credit. she occasionally fraternizes with members of the winning rock foursome death cab for cutie, and she often refers to mulch as “beauty bark.”

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  • music videos from where the words go

    “bedroom window”
    at last, the heart and soul of marine biology. parchment-themed yet again. includes rhythm breakdown, chandelier and stunt cats. rated R for brief aviation.

    “half a joke”
    when a fly hits a windshield, what’s the last thing that goes through its head?

phil, noted international authority on taco beef.

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the marketing demon
here at ghostweed press we've never been much for marketing. but rather than hire some oily dockersclad mercenary who long ago sold his soul to the devil, we went to straight to the source and bound a demon into servitude. henceforth all our marketing will be handled by hleth'norr, born of darkness, that calls the children to their tiny graves one by one.

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Karen Sheets is an editor and graphic designer working in chicago.

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  • read Black and White Girls, a trilogy of short stories:
    1. Carmen
    2. Vera
    3. Rose

matt segur works in chicago helping to ensure that zombies eat brains and smoke cigarettes.

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there is violence in silence
matt’s most recent book is available online, completely free, as a series of short installments.

pity poor greentrials, the neglected wonderboy, alone in the ballroom, eking out his huge rock symphonic psychadelic theatre folk arena masterpieces, gloved hands and all.

he lives in chicago and wishes to know the law.

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  • music videos from where eaglets dare

    “some battleground”
    for best results, throw on some battleground and erase. forces of ink and paper in epic conflict. skyscraper interlude. heroic conclusion. winner of an award.

    “get together”
    magic parchment reveals intimate details as younger brother sneaks onto computer to search for pornography. features hijinks!

    “sweet intentions”
    military-industrial complex belches prescient smoke. faceless rockstar presides. count the beeping words to be eligible for a prize.

    “pagan cities”
    brand newest spectator sport sweeps nation. girls go wild. emergence of stable state modeled numerically. in two colors, subtitled.
  • Green Trials This Summer MP3s from green trials this summer, the debut limited edition cd-r:

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