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statement of purpose
One would think literary would mean “party to the ongoing discourse of world literature,” but it has a more sinister connotation. In publishing circles, literary fiction is the opposite of genre fiction. At heart, this is a good idea—after all, doesn't great art work against the confines of genre? As the literary fiction model would have it, some are content to tread genres while others break new ground, expanding our notions of what constitutes literature. Coming even to this half-baked philosophy is some kind of progress; rock music has been retreaded and fragmented to the point that sno-core (rock in ski clothes) counts as a genre and you can build a career in homage to three Velvet Underground songs.

Literary fiction is at best a contemptuous badge of a phrase, masquerading as neutral taxonomy while in fact subclassing the works that it excludes. It's an undercover gesture for turning up your nose at low genre fiction. But the more fundamental flaw in the literary fiction model (as argued in this article) is that literary fiction has metamorphosed from a snide buzzword to a genre of its own—one that features bleary alcoholics and multi-ethnic narrators as reliably as fantasy features busty, suede-vested dragons and swords +2 vs. orcs. The original ambition is but a memory. (It had something to do with flouting convention, if memory serves.)

Ghostweed Press is dedicated to fuck every bit of that. Most books worth reading can’t be described in one word, but the first question you get when selling a work of art is always “What kind of book/record/black-velvet-painting is it?”

Genres (and anti-genres) provide compelling tropes. When literary fiction snobs cast that aside for the sake of some imagined purity (and thereby rehash Toni Morrison or Raymond Carver yet again), they're as boorish as anyone straitjacketed by a preexisting genre, style, movement, scene, or revival. Each work should be judged by its own endeavor to transcend boundaries, so that Hiyao Miyazaki's fantasies are rightly considered literary (if by that we now denote good) and Bret Easton Ellis' misanthropic drivel is rightly consigned to the tired aisles of genre fiction (in the deconstructing-the-lives-of-nihilistic-party-peoples genre).

Can your favorite movie be neatly encapsulated by a word? Mine neither.

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