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Where the Words Go (2004)
Cat Sticker (2004)
Ivy Cats Poster (2004)

Andrea Maxand has known ever since she was a small child that she wanted to be
“definitely someone to look out for.”
— barbara mitchell, the stranger
given money in exchange for her forceful, uncompromising guidance. After productive but contentious stints with the Church and Avon, a singer/songwriter solo project was the obvious choice—Andrea struck out on her own with her 2001 debut Angel Hat (available on Montesano Records). She has since developed a steady following, working in various permutations with Chris Walla, Jason McGerr and Nick Harmer of Death Cab for Cutie, with producer and guitarist Charles R. Keller, and with the new band she’s tentatively called Andrea Maxand’s Band.

But favorable reviews in her native Seattle, from press and fans alike, were not enough for Andrea—no. Having set her sights on an ascension to fame and fortune that would evoke the name of the holy mother herself, Andrea could be satisfied with nothing less. It was inevitable that she should sooner or later collaborate with Conor Oberst on a hooky ballad featuring a crisp, motown-era arrangement and delicious boy/girl harmonies—the limited edition single “Jesus Died (for our Love),” due out later this year on Subpop.

Likewise was it only natural that she should turn to Ghostweed Press to back her new release Where the Words Go with our our carefree propensity for casual acts of libel and our transglobal network of brand-strength, advertising muscle and ruthless death squads.

“the northwest’s best-kept secret.”
— chris burlingame, rockrgrl
Recorded with McGerr, Harmer and Keller at Avast! Studios in January 2003, the album is slated for release May 4, 2004, when it will be available on the Internet, in record stores and on the merchandise table at Andrea Maxand’s Band’s epoch-defining live shows.

We wish you the best of luck in surviving the onslaught.

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